Make choosing steel windows and doors much easier

When you build a house, there is a great deal of work being burden on your shoulder from the smallest thing like taking care bout constructing worker to choosing furniture and the expenditure for the house. For example, house owners have to worry about the proper of the house foundation or the strength and durability of the walls. They also need to calculate the price of constructing materials every day. They might do everything above well but tackle problem with choosing steel windows and doors. You can think what I mention is ridiculous but it is true.

Steel windows and doors are ideal pieces of furniture in a house nowadays. It is because they meet the demand of house owners in terms of both beauty and durability. The price of steel windows and doors is also quite reasonable. As a result, they are popular in construction field. However, with a variety of steel windows and doors in the market, you might be confused to pick up suitable ones for your ideal house.

Today, I will help you with this by giving you some tips to pick up steel windows and doors.

  • Strength: Strength is the most outstanding feature of steel. In comparison with any other popular constructing material, steel surely be the winner. So, if you own a system of steel windows and doors, you surely have the strongest and most durable pieces of furniture in your house. They can stand still best during the hardest weather conditions.
  • Safety: If you use windows and doors made of steel, the safety of your house increase significantly. There is no one can destroy them by hand to break in your house. Children are also protected behind the doors and windows. If anyone wants to damage your steel window and door system, they have to use some special equipment and tool to support. In case, there is a fire, your house is still safer; it is because steel is a fire – resistant material. It can prevent fire from spread out in larger area.
  • Well – designed windows and doors: with material like steel, window and door manufacturers can design and make more windows and doors with beautiful and creative shapes than when they only use wood. This is the reason why people call steel “soft” while it is extremely strong outside. Moreover, the shape of things made of steel is kept longer because steel is durable to time and weather conditions.
  • Easy replacement or repair: you can easily replace or repair a steel window or door when there is some defect on it. There is no need to throw all the parts of the window or door, the house owner just needs to replace the destroyed part with another one. When it comes to repair, it even easier. However, you still need help of worker instead of doing it on your own.
  • Easier cleaning: it is sure that cleaning a steel window is much easier than cleaning a wood one. The only thing you need is a wet piece of clothing. After you wipe all over the window or door, you can immediately see the difference. Your door or window might look like a new one.
  • Expense reduction: The fee for a system of steel windows and door might be expensive but in comparison with the system of wood ones, it is not really higher. However, if you see in long term, you will realize that the durability of steel can reduce your long term expense significantly. You will not have to repair or replace your windows and doors regularly.

Advice for rifle safety

Many people who own one or two rifles or gun do not really care about purchasing a rifle safety because they think that it is normal and there is nothing dangerous when you just keep in your house one or two rifle or gun. Normally they will hang them on a shelf or even in a cupboard. They might think it is a waste to invest in a safe gun room.

However, this might only be safe if you live on your own, when you have children or teenagers; the story turns into another page. They are too curious and risky to be near and live together with gun and rifle. If this is, it is time for you to buy a rifle safe. Do not be too mean with the safety of your children.

You can easy find a safe in a gun store and randomly pick up one in the available in the store. The sale man in gun store can explain to you basic structure and function of their selling safe. Commonly, they will talk about the metal this safe is made of, the kind of door it have, the number of locks in this safe and so on. How to bolt the safe to the floor or wall will surely be the thing sale man also tells you. With the variety of safe in the gun store, you will be free to choose. However, it is recommended that you should do some investigation in advance before you visit any shop. There is not only the investigation on the internet but also the one to your current rifle or gun. You have to know sure about the features of your rifle or gun then choose the most suitable one.

In case, you go to many gun stores but there is no suitable safe for your gun, you might think of a hand – made one. It might be difficult for you to make a rifle or gun safe if you are not an expert but you can learn how to make one on the internet. Another option for you is that you can order one from gun store. By this way, you do not have to do a difficult job but still get the suitable safe you want. However, the cost you have to pay for a hand – made rifle or gun safe might be higher than that of an available one.

How to keep your garage organized

In almost every home, there is any other room more disorganized than the garage. However, people find it hard to keep it organized and clean and this work cost them a lot of time as well as energy. There is a fact that the more free space your garage has, the more stuff you can store and keep inside. The question here is how to earn some more spare space for your garage with as leas time and energy as possible. Is it necessary to do the cleaning every day?

Today, I will give you some tips to do this awful work with very little time.

  • All items should be classified before you store them in your garage: it is essential to sort things and classify them into different categories. In this work, it is recommended to ask your family for some useful help. First you need to make your garage empty then estimate its storing capacity. This helps you not only to have an overall seeing to your garage but also plan new storing method. There are some suggested categories for you: garden tools, electric tolls, old toys and so on. You also should sort out the stuff you no longer need or things useless. Beside, some old stuff you can classify to donate to orphan houses for children. Another category recommended is recycle one. It is a way to protect environment and save money for your living budget. With some old stuff, you can open a garage sale to earn some money. Is that great?!
  • Another method to sort out things is the season. You can classify them into different seasonal items. For example, your lawn maintenance tools should be kept in a special rank as to easy to take out whenever you want to use any of them. Another, the equipments for the winter also need to have their places. These things often have big size and cost a lot of space; therefore, you need to be careful when picking up a place for each of them. Pay attention not to break them. There are some things that you can hang them on the wall like ice scrapers, snow shovels and so on. A special case is that snowboards and sleds should be stored together. Similarly, items belong to summer and autumn also should be store in different cabinet so that in each season, you can easily bring them out without fear of affect the organization of other seasonal items.
  • Shelves and cabinets are always essential for your garage organization. For the things, they often require a lot of shelves and cabinets to store. Advantage of shelves and cabinet is that they can keep things separate from each other as different department for different person. Each of categories can have their distinctive room and space. However, you should not give your garage too many shelves and cabinet. It is because they also cost space and if they are not required; they will become very useless for your garage and take space of other things.
  • A working area is the thing that you can not forget in your garage. This working area does not take much free space of yours. It might be just a table or a bench that you can put some things above and do your work. It is recommended to use a sturdy tool chest and a pegboard to store your tools.
  • Space for trash and recycle things: you should put inside your garage some trash and recycle bins. Whenever you want to throw some trash, you can throw them into this bin instead of throwing it on the floor which can no sooner make your garage become a dump. Beside if you do have a bin, it makes you more difficulties to sweep and clean later.
  • Now, I will give you some more tips for a organized garage with cheap clutter clearing: in some people opinion, keep the garage organized cost a fortune. It is because some organizing supplies are not really cheap. However, with some cheap clutter clearing, your opinion will completely change. Unless you have correct organizing supplies to store stuff and items, garage clutter clearing can be difficult for you to work with. Therefore, if you want to use clutter clearing, you should think of the right organizing supplies which can keep your items correctly.
  • I think it is really hard to clean the garage all the time. Therefore, at first, we need to keep it clean when we place things inside and the thing placed inside have to be clean as well. As a result, the first thing to ensure the cleaning of your garage is that the stuff going to be stored must be cleaning. It means that you have to wash and clean them before you store them. For each item, you have to use different method to clean which is suitable for their material. For instance, if it is made of clothing, you can wash it in the washing machine, but if it is paper, you can not do the same. You should use some special liquid to clean without making it wet.
  • Your garage also needs to be clean. You clean the roof first then the floor. You sweep the floor with a dry sweeper. After your garage is clean, you clean it with water to make it as clean as possible. Just kidding. It is not until your garage floor dried, you will not arrange the things inside it.
  • You always need to have a plan with arrangement in advance. This will help your choose right place for things. However, there is no need to design it on paper, you can draw it in your might. That is okay.

That is all I want to share with you today. Even though the stuff I share with you is very basic and easy, they will be very helpful in practical. However, I hope that you will see the same. You can visit our website to find some other useful information like best garage door opener reviews, garage organizing tips and so on.

The best Paint sprayer for furniture

Whenever springtime is actually just around the nook, it’s time for you to think about hauling out your lawn furniture to provide these things a fresh innovative search for the new period. Sanding, polishing, and also repainting may take several work and also is usually a challenging job, but the job is usually a satisfying one and also can help you save cash whenever you do it yourself. Utilizing a paint spraying product will assist you to make the task a simpler one once the sanding and also polishing of the lawn furniture is actually finished.

Inside the 1980’s gravity feed spray guns arrived to broad utilize and also their own recognition offers overtaken the usage of traditional feed. Painters have started to prefer them more than traditional feed weapons and also the intro of HVLP like a necessity through environment laws and regulations created gravity feed the particular organic option.
Spray guns all possess a very important factor in keeping – the particular atomization of liquid at the suggestion in which the paint foliage the actual fluid nozzle. There are 2 passageways inside a spray gun – one for atmosphere and something for fluid. Atomization is actually accomplished by a vacuum created by the air hurrying after dark liquid passage whilst sketching the particular liquid into the air flow. At this time, air is actually combined with fluid and a spray air ejects from the nozzle.

To experience adequate atomization, paint needs to be possibly drafted through under the particular gun To experience adequate atomization with siphon nourish, higher air force can be used so as to achieve a powerful sufficient hoover to draw the particular liquid up the giving pipe from beneath. The necessity for higher air pressure in siphon feed guns may be the primary restriction for his or her used in HVLP techniques. It’s a lot harder to maintain low air pressure and also accomplish sufficient vacuum. For more information you can see this video

It’s apparent which gravity feed overcomes this particular restriction and also much less air pressure is needed to atomize the paint.
Spraying with much less air pressure provides the benefits of a smaller amount overspray, a smaller amount waste materials and also higher handle for the painter. These are generally the reasons why painters are already changing from traditional feed to gravity nourish guns.
Even though HVLP is really a necessity in many places, whether you utilize an HVLP gun, the law of gravity nourish provides the benefit over traditional feed due to the reduce air pressure necessity.
For those customers who choose traditional feed, you’ll be able to obtain atomization at lower air demands through pressurizing the particular cup. It will help the actual siphon procedure by making the actual fluid up the nourish tube. You are able to determine a pressurized cup through the existence of an air tube which stretches from the air provide to the cup. Do you know what the best paint sprayer for furniture is? If you don’t know about this, please carry on reading.


HVLP gravity Feed guns
Gravity Feed guns would be the common in the auto market. They’re the most effective for regular viscosity paints or even jobs which do not require greater than a liter of paint at any given time. Gravity Feed also offers the benefit of an extremely short fluid passage for simple clean up.
No disassembly is required to add and also fill up the gun with color. And also, with the aid of gravity, the finish high quality is actually enhanced more than conventional gravity feed guns.

Features of gravity Feed guns

  • Higher finish high quality
  • Twice the particular Force of Gravity assists provide the particular paint.
  • Are designed for heavier supplies.
  • Smaller fluid passage for simple clean-up
  • Absolutely no disassembly to replenish paint
  • Much better Pounds Stability i.e. the middle of the law of gravity is actually in the center of the actual gun Based on your work design the particular gravity feed cup include dimension
  • Cup placement might adjust your spraying method and also entering into spaces.
  • Non-drip cup safeguards against paint loss and also guarantees less clutter, helping you save period and also money
  • Filter guarantees clear paint, assisting you obtain the greatest outcome
  • Suspension hook allows simple storage
  • Fluid realignment button offers flexibility, letting you change ventilation for any kind of task
  • Spray design adjusting knob enables accuracy to accomplish a number of duties
  • Air adjustment valve offers flexibility to regulate ventilation for just about any task
  • Air regulator with gauge is actually user friendly and also enables you to keep track of and also manage air flow.

Picking the best Insulation for Your House

House insulation is probably the important factors which retains interior living as comfy as you possibly can. Its opposition to warmth which prevents warmth reduction and obtain is actually what makes everybody indoors comfortable and also comfortable in winter season and also cool and also calm in the summer time. A properly protected house additionally utilizes energy in the most effective and also cost effective method. Hence, regardless of whether you’re in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Lengthy Island, Staten Tropical isle, or even Queens; insulating your New York house certainly will pay and also provides you with the easily magnificent residing your family warrants.

Other than attics and also outside walls, there’s also other areas inside your houses that may utilize several padding for maximal comfort and ease and also performance. Including:

  • Ceilings- with unheated places over, cathedral ceilings;
  • Inside walls- cellar walls, walls which individual one room through an additional particularly in bathrooms, leg walls;
  • Floors- which cover vented crawlspaces, and people expense porches and garages particularly unheated types.

Besides resisting warmth circulation, insulation additionally acts like a sound proofing calculate which decreases the number of noise transmitted from one room to a different and also through outside the home.

Whenever discovering your choices, there are points to consider prior to determining which sort of padding to utilize. The larger the particular R-value may be the much better. It’s also wise to make certain the energy overall performance provided by the product is actually long-lasting. For bigger energy cost savings throughout time, choose one that guarantees an extended operating life.
Select one which is actually proof to fire and dampness, and also avoids air infiltration. And with the developing trend of being environmentally friendly in house redesigning, it’s also possible to consider environmental advantages. For more information you can see this video


Versatile insulation is the most favored padding in home housing. This particular soft versatile materials is made from fiberglass, and it is popular in floors, surfaces, ceilings, and also rooftops. It may be bought by the roll and also cut to duration for stud cavities, or even rolled out to size in attics.
Bats can also be bought and therefore are pre-cut for simple dealing with whenever insulation ceilings or perhaps crawl spaces. Each designs are made to fit conventional 16 or even 24 in. framing, and are available with or even with no vapor barrier. Versatile insulation is beneficial in all kinds of environments and it is simple to set up. There’s a danger of contact with glass fibers whenever setting up versatile insulation, so safeguarding yourself with gloves, lengthy sleeves, and also a dust mask is actually suggested.

Rigid Foam Board Sections

Foam boards are usually rigid sections which are popular for insulating basis walls or even under concrete slabs. Sections may also be utilized over outside wall sheathing whenever setting up new siding to improve the particular R-value of the wall structure. On cathedral design ceilings, sections may be set up under the particular sheathing on a top. Foam board insulation is available in rigid panels 2 to 4 ft. wide, and also 8 feet in size. These types of rigid panels are usually a perfect insulator and also include rigidity to the construction. They are manufactured from polystyrene and also polyurethane supplies, and also may be used in any kind of climate.

Blown-In/Loose Load

This particular type of insulation is definitely a perfect kind to utilize whenever insulating areas that are hard to achieve. It is a highly effective insulator to utilize in truss cavities or even in areas that contains pipes, cables, or even duct work. Loose fill can be bought bags and also put into the cavities, or even it may be blown-in appropriately utilizing pneumatic gear.
Blown-in is really a well-known technique utilized to insulate older houses without the worry of getting rid of any kind of inside completed wall surfaces. Loose fill up padding is made of fiberglass or even cellulose, and it is effective in most environments. As it has a fiberglass element, individual safety should be put on to avoid contact with the glass fibers.
Apply Foam
Foam items come in 2 types, foamed-in-place or even spray cans. The particular Foamed-in-place product is actually sprayed into framing cavities of a structure through professionals utilizing specific gear. This particular grows after which hardens to form equally a good air tight seal and also include balance to the structure. Little spray cans be bought by a home owner in order to seal little cracks, or even insulate close to doors and windows to get rid of heat reduction.

The significance of Setting up Energy Effective Windows in your home

Right now, lots of home owners are usually trying to create their particular houses greener. Energy effective windows are usually a key component in lowering not just power expenses of the home, but to additionally conserve power, need that is continually on the rise. Energy effective home windows decrease energy usage in several various ways and their particular style and building can differ depending on your financial allowance, the look of your house, and many other components.
Perhaps you have considered you are able to boost the energy effectiveness of your house via a couple of little, and also easy installations? There are lots of points that you can do to enhance the power performance of your house, but lots of people don’t realize that the single biggest point that you can do is always to enhance the energy effectiveness of your Windows.

This particular applies not just to the Windows on their own, but additionally the additional safeguards which are consuming the actual preparing of those Windows at the same time. There are some points you’ll want to consider if you’re seeking to save money, remain warm, and boost the energy effectiveness of your house, whilst producing fashionable improvements.

Cut costs

One easy alter that you can make to your house is by Double Glazing your Windows so that you can cut costs. By doing thus, it is possible to improve the energy effectiveness of your Windows that ought to save you a lot of money in energy price.
Are you aware that the biggest expense of most houses, apart from food, is actually the price of energy in your home? During the summertime, producing your Windows much more energy-efficient can cut costs on your cooling expenses, whilst additionally helping you save cash in your heating expenses throughout the summertime. This really is something that lots of people don’t consider, but can have serious results on your monthly investing.

Keep Comfortable

One of the greatest advantages is actually the truth that you were going in order to remain comfortable during the winter weeks, without having to depart your heater running through the entire time. People with much less energy effective windows usually will depart their particular heater operating throughout the cold season, which usually can result in high energy cost that may be decreased through the use of dual glazing or even awning windows.
If you’re seeking to remain comfortable, and cut costs on energy expenses, using awning windows will help you to do this, by maintaining warmth and also cooled air in your house, and never allowing it to get away through the windows, as is actually normal with less energy effective windows. For more information you can see this video

Energy effective windows also utilize silicon sealant between frames and also walls to ensure there isn’t any warmth leakage via gaps. Likewise, airtight sealing may also be accomplished via correct style consisting of joints which are fusion welded and also information with several chambers. These types of changes can help conserve as much as 30% with the energy consumed beneath regular conditions.


An additional fascinating pro-of setting up awning windows or even dual glazed windows, is actually the truth that they’re regarded as in style as far as house fix and also design goes. Awning home windows may offer you a fascinating look which enables you to use awnings which have numerous styles, in order to enhance the look of your house. This is the little-known benefit of setting up these kinds of energy-efficient products on your house.

Energy Efficiency is actually something which we all would like for our houses. There are some, inexpensive editions that you can create to your house in order to make sure that it’s much more energy-efficient, and also make sure that it appears excellent as well.
With installing awning windows or even double glazed windows, you’ll enhance the energy effectiveness of your house, whilst additionally creating a fashionable addition. If you’re seeking to spend less cash on energy, the easy improvements to your house can assist you to do so.

His guitars for the stars are there for the pickin

Health buffs on their way for a workout at the Lifeplus Dance and Exercise Studio in a commercial section of Santa Monica, California, are sometimes surprised to see a man shinnying up a rope dangling down the side of an automotive paint store, and then slipping through two double doors into a garret.

The figure is neither a Spiderman trainee nor a thief on the prowl but Danny Ferrington, one of the country’s most respected luthiers, or guitar makers, going to work.

On weekends or after hours, when Ferrington often likes to work, the Santa Monica Automotive Colours shop, over which he rents his space, is closed, blocking off the staircase. Ferrington, much to the bemusement of passersby, has solved the dilemma of ingress and egress with a rope which hangs out a loft door.

Ferrington is as unorthodox about making guitars as he is about getting into his workshop. Instead of being the stereotypical Old World craftsman one might easily imagine–elderly, with wire-rimmed glasses, a beard and wearing a leather apron–Ferrington is young (32 years old) and dresses in jeans and T-shirts.

Rather than working with costly antique implements, Ferrington announces with pride that all his tools are inexpensive–in fact, bought at Sears. He tells you with pleasure that he purchases all his paints and sealers from the auto shop beneath his work place and that he has no compunction about using power tools to craft his instruments. “I don’t believe in using hand tools exclusively,’ he once said. “There’s no room for brown rice or granola on any of my guitars.’

Indeed, when Ferrington works he goes at the task with such vigor that he often appears to be indelicate. When he begins to shape a piece of wood for the neck of a guitar, he fairly attacks it with a huge rasp that looks rough enough to belong to a farrier.

Ferrington is also garrulous. As he works, he is such a nonstop fountainhead of information, insight and stories that one has the feeling of being accompanied by the kind of recorded cassette lectures that are available for rent with earphones at art museums– except that Ferrington’s commentary is delivered with a Southern twang, a legacy from his native Louisiana.

Although he stands only five-foot-six, Farrington is bullishly strong. He has rarely met his match in arm wrestling, and I have seen him climb a 40-foot pine tree without branches in a matter of seconds. He almost never associates with other instrument makers. Instead, he can be seen hanging out in Westwood Village at Lamonica’s New York Pizza parlor, which he has come to refer to as his salon, or cruising around Brentwood and Santa Monica wearing a throwaway painter’s cap with a cardboard brim.

Ferrington’s shop is as unpretentious as the man who works there. The telephone was disconnected a year ago and he’s never bothered to have it hooked up again. (“I may lose some business,’ he says with a shrug.) A rather insubstantial-looking workbench is littered with scraps of wood and hand tools. To one side there is a band saw, drill press, horizontal sander and an best air compressor. It be purchased at . It is best air compressor of shop Ferrington

On one wall hangs a Ditzler Automotive Finishes calendar showing a woman in a bathing suit standing next to a Corvette. Were it not for the particle-board templates–with which Ferrington shapes the sides of his guitars–hanging on the back wall, one might never suspect that this modest workshop has produced instruments for the likes of Johnny Cash, Lindsey Buckingham, Jackson Browne, Leo Kottke, Linda Ronstadt, Eric Clapton, Emmylou Harris, Ricky Skaggs, Crystal Gayle, Waylon Jennings, Elvis Costello, Peter Townshend, J. D. Souther and Hoyt Axton, to name a few.

“I grew up in Louisiana in a small town called Enterprise,’ Ferrington tells me one day as we zoom down the San Diego Freeway in a Porsche belonging to singer Linda Ronstadt, with whom he now shares a house in Los Angeles. “In Louisiana our place was nine miles off the paved road, has no running water and no telephone. The nearest neighbor was two miles away, and we had to ride a ferryboat to get to school. We always had a tightly knit family. At one point, I had 12 grandparents and great-grandparents all alive at the same time.’


LEAD: Maybe it’s because by summer’s end i can no longer help eating with my fingers. Or maybe it’s the Cape Cod vacations of my youth – afternoons spent picnicking on a splintery dock, eating chunky lobster rolls with coleslaw.

Maybe it’s because by summer’s end i can no longer help eating with my fingers. Or maybe it’s the Cape Cod vacations of my youth – afternoons spent picnicking on a splintery dock, eating chunky lobster rolls with coleslaw.

Whatever the reason, late summer has always seemed to me the perfect sandwich season. I can live without hot turkey sandwiches at Thanksgiving and pass on the pastrami on rye on an icy February day. But come July or August, I invariably find myself putzing around the kitchen, making something sort of weird, like potato-Roquefort salad sandwiches, heavy on the dill.

I realize that potato salad might not be everyone’s ideal sandwich stuffing. But therein, it seems to me, lies its very appeal. When produce is at its peak, even the humblest ingredients can make for magnificent, created-on-the-spot sandwiches. I no longer remember the first time I sprinkled some heavy, ripe garden tomatoes with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt and crackd pepper, then layered them between slices of grilled sourdough, but I know that the summer sandwich – simplistic as it seems – still has the power to make me weak in the knees with craving.

Of course, just about anything made with tomatoes makes me happy. Still, a sandwich is always more than its stuffing. The nature, cut and grain of the bread is not beside the point. In fact, one might argue, bread can be the best part – otherwise, why bother with those edible bookends in the first place?

What I really love is when bread and filling suggest one another in a yin-yang sort of way. This process has been behind some of the nicer summer sandwiches that have come out of my kitchen: grilled figs and pancetta on walnut bread; a thick minty yogurt-spinach sandwich in toasted sesame pitas; garlicky grilled ratatouille slathered into warm sourdough baguettes; pounded grilled chicken breasts with roasted peppers layered between slices of black olive bread; headily fragrant avocados and tomatoes with lime salsa on corn bread.

Flavor synergy between filling and what’s to be filled – that’s what puts a summer sandwich at its best.

It’s what is at work, too, in the grouper sandwich that Rick Moonen makes at the Water Club in New York (pan-fried grouper and roasted red peppers are layered with lemon mayonnaise on a toasted homemade onion roll). From California, two others that smack just right: Larry Vito’s grilled spicy squid sandwich with prawn mayonnaise on a baguette at the Stanford Court in San Francisco, and Bradley Ogden’s thinly sliced roasted lamb sandwich with marinated tomatoes, goat cheese and olive spread on grilled peasant sourdough at the Lark Creek Inn in Marin County.

These are sandwiches that leave me wondering how I ever existed on bologna on Wonder Bread (my childhood infatuation in the summer of 1964) or worse – Marshmallow Fluff on Ritz crackers (my idea of sandwich perfection the summer of 1962).


Ratatouille is traditionally made on top of the stove in a skillet or baked in the oven. This ratatouille, however, takes its inspiration from the grilled vegetable melange that Joyce Goldstein makes at Square One in San Francisco. The grilled flavors give this ratatouille a more interesting, smoky flavor. With a glass of chilled white wine, this sandwich makes for a wonderful summer dinner.

10cloves garlic, peeled and cut in half

3/4cup olive oil

2sprigs fresh rosemary

3medium zucchini, trimmed and cut lengthwise

1large green bell pepper

1large red bell pepper

2small to medium-size eggplants, about 3/4 pound each, peeled and sliced 3/4-inch thick

1large red onion, peeled and sliced 1-inch thick

3large ripe tomatoes, cut into 1-inch dice

15black (nicoise or Greek) olives, pitted and coarsly chopped

4anchovy fillets, rinsed, dried, and finely chopped

Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

1thick, long (30 inch) sourdough baguette, or 2 shorter baguettes

1/2cup shredded fresh basil.

1. Put the garlic cloves in a large shallow pan and add oil to barely cover. Add the rosemary and simmer, partially covered, over very low heat, until the garlic is cooked through but not falling apart, about 15 to 20 minutes. The garlic will brown, but take care it doesn’t burn. Set aside.

2. Parboil the zucchini halves in a large pot of boiling salted water just until they lose their rawness but still remain slightly firm, about 5 minutes. (This can be done in a microwave – 3 minutes at 100 percent.) Cool the zucchini under cold running water to set the color. Skewer each half lengthwise on metal skewers.

3. Heat the grill. Brush the zucchini halves with the garlic oil and grill, turning once or twice, until they are marked, about 3 minutes. Let the zucchini cool slightly, then cut them into 1 1/2-inch chunks. Set aside.

4. Roast the peppers over the open flame or under the broiler until they are blackened on all sides. Transfer to a brown paper bag. Close the bag tightly and let the peppers steam for about 15 minutes. When the peppers have cooled, remove then from the bag, cut and peel away the charred skin and seeds and slice them into wide strips.

5. Brush the eggplant slices on both sides with garlic oil. Grill, turning, until just charred, about 7 minutes. The eggplant should not be falling apart. Let cool slightly, then cut into 1-inch chunks.

6. Skewer the onion slices and brush both sides with garlic oil. Grill, turning, until they are tender, about 5 minutes. Cool and cut into 1-inch chunks.

7. Put the garlic with 1/4 cup of the remaining garlic oil in a large, deep saute pan. (Discard the rosemary.) Add the grilled vegetables, tomatoes, olives, and anchovy and heat over medium heat, stirring very gently. Cook about 5 minutes more to blend flavors. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

8. Cut the baguette into 4 segments. Toast briefly just to make the rust more crackling. Split the baguettes open lengthwise, being careful not to cut all the way through. Tear out some of the soft crumbs inside and mound in the ratatouille. (There will be about 10 to 12 cups of ratatouille. Leftover ratatouille can make for an excellent side dish the following day.) Sprinkle with basil and serve.

PART ONE Stratus Fear

Following on the heels of the massively successful Dakota Quad Cab Hemi that debuted at SEMA ’99, the annual Las Vegas aftermarket parts orgy, Dodge wanted to get together with HOT ROD to do another attention-grabbing concept vehicle for SEMA ’00. The Stratus Coupe seemed a natural. The plan was to emulate musclecars past on a contemporary platform.

The list of changes is long and is detailed briefly herein. There’s plenty more beyond that, but you’ll have to wait until next month to get a complete look at the final product. Consider that Rad Rides by Troy had about five weeks to pull everything together as seen here. Many others couldn’t put something like this together in fifty weeks. Yes, we wish we were allowed to convert it to rear-drive, too. Didn’t happen. Maybe next time.

After hours of careful measuring, the front lower control arms were shortened 1 inch to accommodate the low-profile 18-inch BFGoodrich rubber and Billet Specialties rims. Similarly, the half-shafts had to be shortened an inch on each side as well.

The lower control arms were then welded back together, and boxed for strength.

The front strut has been converted to a coilover assembly by True Choice using Eibach springs.

The factory strut alignment holes had to be changed to avoid the positive camber created by shortening the control arm.

The new rear suspension design is a solid dropped axle designed and built in-house at Rad Rides. Shown here is the axle, lower airbag mount, and shock mount, all welded up and ready to rock.

The wheelwells were cleaned of paint and undercoating, and gently massaged in some areas to help clear the massive 20-inch BFG and Billet Specialties rollers. RR changed the rear suspension completely, so even the factory mounting brackets had to go.
A shop-fabbed upper airbag mount was mated to the side of the subframe rail.

This is the painted, completed rear tub area, HAL shock, axle, and Air Ride Technologies airbag system all bolted back together and awaiting rims. The braking system is stock… for now. The Air Ride compressor is nestled in the trunk.

Rather than seal in the factory plastic fuel fill flap, RR cut steel to fill the hole. Here, the contoured plug is in place, though it is yet to be smoothed in.

The gas tank fill assembly has been moved tram the passenger side of the car to the trunk. The gas tank itself was removed for ease of working at this stage.

The gas tank ventilation system had to be moved under the car.

Clean completed install; just don’t overfill the tank.
Since the exhaust will no longer come out the rear of the car, the fascia flare to clear the tailpipe is unnecessary.
The flare was cut out entirely and filled with two-part Duramix urethane. When dry, it was smoothed and painted to match seamlessly with the factory lines.
RR removed the door handles and filled in the space in similar fashion to the gas fill cap; solenoids are activated via the remote key fob. Bodyside moldings were removed as well.
Some filler to smooth things out, smooth it down, and into the paint shop for a new coat of red.
Fresh from the booth, RR masked off StratusFear for its black top-surfaces and ’70 Super Bee-style side stripe. The hood and trunk were painted separately. Yellow pinstriping highlights and the StratusFear logo were applied by hand by Bob Thrash.
A wooden buck for the Shaker-style hood scoop.
Troy gently shaped the 0.090-thickness 3003 aluminum around the mold.
Openings were cut in and reinforced, and after countless hours of hand-craftsmanship, the scoop was ready for paint.
A hole was cut in the hood to give the scoop that functional appearance, following techniques outlined in Magnante’s April 2001 hole-cutting story.
In a bizarre bit of serendipity, a mildly modified 2001 Ford Taurus rear wing happens to fit the Stratus like it was made for it.
The 40-series Flowmaster was sectioned primarily for space and clearance reasons under the tight FWD Stratus floorpan.
The completed muffler.
Stock exhaust manifolds and exhaust pipe lead into a factory resonator to eliminate high-speed droning, then a modified 40-series Flowmaster muffler, then split out to the exhaust cutouts in the ground effects, ahead of the rear axle.
The split out to the exhaust pipes. It sounds as mean as it looks.
Holes were cut in the factory ground effects to clear the new exhaust outlet.
An exhaust flange straight from the buck had not yet been trimmed. The tailpipe will maintain a gap in the ground effect so it doesn’t damage the paint as it shifts.

Ways to design a small kitchen

The kitchen normally the closest place of the woman in the house but in all house kitchen seems to be the smallest room compared to other in the house.

The kitchen is considered as the challenge for the house designer. The view, comfort as well as the arrangement of each device and equipment in the kitchen to ensure that they will fit with the environment and the space of the kitchen is very important compared to decoration of other rooms in the house.
All the people living in the large city have to live in the narrow space and this can make them difficult in designing the house, especially the kitchen. With a clear and careful plan your small kitchen will be more comfortable and stylist. Besides, all the housewives would like their kitchen to be perfect to make the most delicious meals for their family.

So as to do that the housewives should know some of the following principles:

– Before redecorating the kitchen you should think of all the items that you need such as the bowls, dishes, ovens, dining table, cooker and so on. They must be suitable with your kitchen space then you can start buying them. Because there are many families who will buy a lot of things for the kitchen but when they come back they do not know how to fit them into their kitchen. It is wasteful to leave them somewhere but if you try to put them in some places in the kitchen then the kitchen will be suffocating and narrower.
– You have to make use of all the space. You can make a shelf for holding things in the wall instead of standing in the floor so you can make use of the space in the kitchen.
– You have to remember that the kitchen is the place for eating together so if there is no large space for eating in your kitchen you should choose table and chairs which can be hold. So when you use you can spread them out and when not you can hold them and find a place to store.
– The material such as wood for floor and wall and the kitchen shelf is quite important to decide the appearance of the space of the kitchen.

– For the drawers in the kitchen, you should choose the light color to make your kitchen larger and wider. The color of them should be in line with other furniture and items in the kitchen.
– You can use material which can have the transparent color such as glass or blur metal to decorate the surface of the kitchen shelf and holding shelf.

– You should arrange items and things in the kitchen logically and flexibly so you can find it comfortable and convenient in finding. For example, you have to put your bowls, dishes, ovens, pots, … in a way that it will take you only 3 to 5 minutes to find down.
– You have to remember that there will be more than one person in the kitchen at the same time so you should calculate the space of the kitchen for at least 2 people to travel in and out or standing together in the kitchen conveniently. There are many families the path to the kitchen and the space for people to travel is very narrow which is not a good arrangement and decoration for a good kitchen. It is quite dangerous when you have to hold hot things to travel in the so small kitchen also.